Important Government Order (GO)

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  • No.
  • Subject/Title
Sr. No.DateNo.Subject/TitleDownloads
1 05/03/2019 3/2019/G-2-41/10-2019-601/2011 Revision of Traveling Allowance of Govt of Uttar Pradesh (TA) 3-2019.pdf (258 KB)
2 19/09/2017 74/Chhappan-2017-29/99 Use of out door shooting on State Airstrip to promote Film Development in Uttar Pradesh 74_Dated_19-Sep-2017.pdf (118 KB)
3 29/04/2009 620/Chhappan-2009-11/07 Safety of State owned Airstrip given to Training Institutes on Private Sector Participation (PSP) 620_Dated_29-Apr-2009.pdf (550 KB)
4 27/07/2007 747/Chhappan-2007-11/07 Setting up of Flying / Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training Institute on Private Sector Participation (PSP). Expression Of Interest (EOI) 747_Dated_27-Jul-2007.pdf (2 MB)
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